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got ponds?
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You know you do!

  • Stormwater Retention Ponds
  • Wastewater Treatment Ponds
  • Golf Course Ponds
  • Any Natural or Manmade Body of Water
Aquatic Restoration Service can help you clean them!
  • We're more eco-friendly than traditional dredging
  • No damage to existing landscape
  • No draining of your pond
  • Way more efficient
  • Won't damage your liner
  • Much more cost efficient
  • We're in and out in days rather than weeks or months
  • Our equipment is built in the USA
  • We're Minnesota owned and operated

Comprehensive Cleaning of Sediment, Silt and Weed Infestation

With the use of our Aqua Vac equipment we are able to provide an Eco-friendly, minimally-invasive, low-impact solution for removal and treatment of silt, weed infestation, exotics, contaminants and sediments from wastewater treatment ponds, stormwater retention ponds and wetlands.

  • Pond Cleaning
    Golf Course Pond
    Minimally-invasive, Eco-friendly cleaning, 90% plus removal of silt, sediments, infestations, and exotics.

  • Project completion time can be significantly reduced making projects much more cost effective.

  • The Aqua Vac is capable of being launched at any water location, water access, boat ramp, or with use of a small crane.

  • Unlike traditional dredging which is frequently done during winter months, our equipment allows us to work with open water. This ensures that your project site isn’t sitting as an eyesore until contractors come back to remediate!

  • Treatment of contaminants directly during the pumping operation are available. As are multiple disposal options.

  • Transfer of materials to a nearby disposal site, dewatering
    bag system, or if necessary with additional transfer pumps
    to an area some distance away.

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