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The Aqua Vac

Machine in Use
The Aqua Vac is a floating, self-propelled, high-volume pump with a submersible head and flexible transfer hose that will remove the suspended solids and contaminants. This is accomplished without causing damage to the retention pond or reservoir’s installed liners or natural base lining.

With this system we are able to transfer material to a nearby disposal site, dewatering bag system design or, with the use of additional transfer pumps, to a site some distance away.

The Aqua Vac is capable of being launched from any location via normal watercraft launching or if necessary, deployed with the use of a crane.

The Aqua Vac is not a dredge
he Aqua Vac will remove submerged materials from the body of water without harming the actual liner or base material. 90% plus of material that is suspended will be removed.

Our equipment is custom-built using patented technology. The actual piece of equipment is built in the USA by our own team and has been in use for over 20 years with phenomenal success!

The Aqua Vac depth is controlled by the use of stationary rotating wheels to keep the head/boom off the bottom to ensure no harm to the liner of base material.

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Flexible Transfer Hose with High Volume Pump
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